I'm Luka.

Name: Luka Čupić


Contact: luka@anix.hr

Last known location: Pula, Croatia

About me

I'm a recent Computer Science graduate from Croatia with more than 10 years of academic and practical experience. Working with many different technologies on dozens of projects, I've gained a deep understanding of how things work under the hood. With this knowledge, I'm competent in solving a wide range of technological problems while staying flexible and open-minded about the creative side of the process.

Over the years, I've developed strong multifaceted skills in different areas such as software development, machine learning, game development, audio engineering, graphic design, etc. These technological foundations which I've mastered allow me to focus on the freedom of creative and meaningful work while at the same time staying pragmatic about real world applications. My current vision is to contribute to interesting multidisciplinary projects for creative, altruistic, and global causes.


Some of the things I'm good at:

Software Development

With 10+ years of experience, I've learned how to make computers do anything I want: from scripting and automation to problem solving and custom software development.

Machine Learning

As a graduated computer scientist, I have strong academic knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts which I know how to apply for practical purposes.


I started writing as a hobby until I realized that I could be doing it professionally. Now I do both.

Audio and Music

As a multi-instrumentalist, I love anything and everything sound-related. Playing, recording, mixing, producing. Audio is essentially a second language to me.

Design and Digital Art

Designing and creating beautiful things has always been a passion of mine. I love doing photo editing, digital design, 3D modelling, shading, rendering, and everything in between.


I co-founded a startup, worked at another, and developed my own company. I know a thing or two about business as well.


Other interests include, but aren't limited to:

Audio Production Game Development
History Astronomy
Medicine Environmentalism
Filmmaking Guitar
Scuba diving Geoinformatics
Philosophy Mindfulness
Magic Backpacking
Karate Motorbike


A collection of non-profit projects on which I've worked on

RGB Controller

Electrical Engineering / 2022.


Web Design / 2022.


Interactive Statistical Maps / 2022.

Hrvatska kroz vrijeme (Croatia Through Time)

Graphics Art / 2022.

Neural Speech Synthesis using ForwardTacotron and WaveRNN

Machine Learning / 2021.


Flight Tracking Software / 2021.


Web Browser Extension / 2021.


Solo Album / 2020.

Trading Bot

Stock Trading Automation / 2020.


Web Design / 2020.

Classification of Music Based on Machine Learning

Machine Learning / 2020.

Implementation of an Information Retrieval System

Machine Learning / 2019.

Hamming Simulator

Simulation Software / 2019.

Comparison of Classification and Regression for Humor Ranking

Machine Learning / 2019.

PDF Document Management and Search System

Artificial Intelligence / 2018.

Super Marko AI

Game Development / 2018.


Graphics Software Development / 2018.

Buffons's Needle Simulator

Simulation Software / 2017.


Game Development / 2017.

Glazbenik (Musician)

Music Software / 2013.

JURI — Jedinstvena Umjetna Računalna Inteligencija

Artificial Intelligence / 2013.