I'm Luka.

Software Engineer, Student of karate, Guitar player, Occasional backpacker


Some of the things I'm good at:

Software Development

With 10+ years of experience, I've learned how to make computers do anything I want: from scripting and automation to problem solving and custom software development.

Machine Learning

As a graduated computer scientist, I have strong academic knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts which I know how to apply for practical purposes.


I started writing as a hobby until I realized that I could be doing it professionally. Now I do both.

Audio and Music

As a multi-instrumentalist, I love anything and everything sound-related. Playing, recording, mixing, producing. Audio is essentially a second language to me.

Design and Digital Art

Designing and creating beautiful things has always been a passion of mine. I love doing photo editing, digital design, 3D modelling, shading, rendering, and everything in between.


I co-founded a startup, worked at another, and developed my own company. I know a thing or two about business as well.


Other interests include, but aren't limited to:

Psychology Game Development
History Astronomy
Medicine Cyber Security
Filmmaking Guitar
Scuba diving Geoinformatics
Philosophy Mindfulness
Cooking Backpacking
Karate Motorbike


A collection of non-profit projects on which I've worked on

RGB Controller

Electrical Engineering / 2022.


Web Design / 2022.


Interactive Statistical Maps / 2022.

Hrvatska kroz vrijeme (Croatia Through Time)

Graphics Art / 2022.

Neural Speech Synthesis using ForwardTacotron and WaveRNN

Machine Learning / 2021.


Flight Tracking Software / 2021.


Web Browser Extension / 2021.


Solo Album / 2020.

Trading Bot

Stock Trading Automation / 2020.


Web Design / 2020.

Classification of Music Based on Machine Learning

Machine Learning / 2020.

Implementation of an Information Retrieval System

Machine Learning / 2019.

Hamming Simulator

Simulation Software / 2019.

Comparison of Classification and Regression for Humor Ranking

Machine Learning / 2019.

PDF Document Management and Search System

Artificial Intelligence / 2018.

Super Marko AI

Game Development / 2018.


Graphics Software Development / 2018.

Buffons's Needle Simulator

Simulation Software / 2017.


Game Development / 2017.

Glazbenik (Musician)

Music Software / 2013.

JURI — Jedinstvena Umjetna Računalna Inteligencija

Artificial Intelligence / 2013.


E-mail: luka@anix.hr

You can also send pigeons to Pula, Croatia.